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CuanTec’s mission is to work in harmony with our natural environment to reduce the human impact that food waste and plastic pollution have on our world.

We’ve developed a gentle, biological method to extract the natural product chitin from different sources of waste from the food industry.  We use this chitin to develop our formulations to create alternatives to single use plastic, creating new materials that work in harmony with the environment.  

Chitin and its derivative, chitosan, have fantastic properties.  Our team has wide-ranging knowledge and expertise about how these natural resources can be formulated into a number of different products that are of interest to the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in medicine.

Chitin is typically found in species with an external shell, like insects and shellfish (crabs, prawns, langoustine etc.), but also in mushrooms.  We aim to have a zero-waste business and that starts by using waste from the food industry (shell waste from langoustines for example).  Find out more about what we do through the links below.

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Learn more about our inspiration and how we use low energy, biological processes and with a zero waste mentality to come up with new formulations for a range of sectors.

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