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Harnessing nature, improving lives, helping the environment



Who is CuanTec?


CuanTec is a British bio-science company, producing Chitosan from natural, sustainable sources such as crustacean shell. It is committed to producing Chitosan to very high levels of Deacetylation (90% plus) and Viscosity (1,000 centerpoises plus) as well as to the highest quality and traceability standards, in order to meet the exacting standards of customers. 

CuanTec, after 7 years of development and supported by its investors, led by the Scottish Government, Hive Energy Ltd and Founders Factory, is now in production at its plant in Central Scotland.


CuanTec operates to high industry standards, with ISO accreditation for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001

CuanTec's own proprietary technologies uses a s
cientifically proven method to process this waste stream in an environmentally friendly way, producing natural, pure chitin and chitosan, which meets the precise specifications (e.g. Degree of Deacetylation or viscosity) required by our customers. 

As Chitin and Chitosan are natural biopolymers, which are biodegradable and ocean-friendly, they have attracted interest in replacing fossil-fuel based polymers. Also, due to its many natural properties, Chitosan has proven therapeutic properties where research has shown it can aid recovery in medical situations, further improving people’s quality of life. An amazing product with multiple benefits which is now being commercially realized across the world.

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