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CuanTec are leading the revolution against petroleum plastic

CuanTec are a Scottish based blue biotech company making compostable, antimicrobial bioplastic from waste of the fisheries industry, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to polluting packaging.

CuanTec are using a circular economy solution where waste from processing of the fisheries industry is put to good use. Cuantec extracts chitin from marine waste, langoustines caught in the pollution free waters of the North Atlantic. Our chitin is obtained biologically, thanks to harmless bacteria, in a low-energy process with minimal wastage, and at a high yield providing a very high-quality product. Our chitosan is obtained thanks to an innovative sustainable process, using less energy and 5 time less sodium hydroxide than the current chemical process.

CuanTec are unique, we don’t just make chitosan, we make products too!
The first packaging product CuanTec is developing with our chitosan is a compostable, anti-microbial food contact material (FCM) packaging.
With the increasing amount of legislation against petroleum plastic, the commitment of UK to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042, the possible tax on plastic container for takeaway and coffee cup, plastic is on terminal decline.
Companies need alternatives to petroleum plastics now!
Our bio-plastic is a viable alternative

In addition to be compostable, therefore reducing plastic ending up in landfill and nature, our bio-plastic is anti-microbial. It will reduce spoilage, therefore, prolongs shelf-life of fresh food and reduce economic loss associated with food waste.

Our packaging is an asset for the environment and for the economy:

Less plastic pollution, less landfill, Less food waste, less economic loss

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The Science

CuanTec main aim is to develop blue biotech products, developing new processes mixing biology and chemistry in order to be as green as possible and to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.


We are doing green chemistry, to achieve a truly circular economy


Our products such as our food packaging will be made from naturally abundant materials.

Our first products are based on chitosan, we are producing it with a new patentable production process, reducing the economic and environmental cost normally associated with chitosan production.

We will be the first anti-microbial, compostable food packaging based on chitosan, to market with a complete circular economy story.


Our Events

We will be hard at work in the lab for most of 2017 but occasionally we can be found at a variety of events.

Check our diary which we will update throughout the year on an ongoing basis and come and say hi!

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