The Scottish Blue Biotech Replacing Petroleum Plastic With Natural Alternatives

Sourced from the clear waters of the Atlantic, CuanTec take waste from fisheries and obtain the natural biopolymer Chitin. Our revolutionary process uses biology rather than chemistry to create the highest possible quality & purity Chitin and Chitosan which is in demand for over 3000 industrial uses around the world. 
We also work with strategic partners to create our own products including compostable, antimicrobial food packaging.
The Herald Pioneer Awards Grand Final Winner
Scottish Rural Awards 2020 Finalist

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The two greatest challenges facing the world today are Food Waste and Plastic Pollution.

CuanTec is creating solutions to each of these problems from sustainable sources in an environmentally friendly way.

Less plastic pollution, less landfill,less food waste, less economic loss.




CuanTec is a blue biotech company with a circular economy approach to the biggest challenges the world faces - food waste and plastic pollution. CuanTec has produced a single solution to both these problems.

We take waste form the fisheries industry and up-cycle it into anti-microbial, compostable food packaging which extends the shelf-life of fresh seafood.





Our Chitin has a high molecular weight, high purity, a constant purity and is produced sustainably without chemicals.


Our Chitosan is high quality, odourless and made with a sustainable process.

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