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Innovative packaging

Chrystal™ Coatings

STRENGTHEN while protecting your cardboard, pulp, and paper-based products.

Use LESS pulp for MORE STRENGTH while protecting!

Naturally Antimicrobial!

Green Recycle Symbol

100% Recyclable!

Our packaging material is biodegradable and compostable and returns its natural components to the environment, without leaving a trace.  We use natural materials to create our product, and it will return to nature without causing any harm. Read more...

Water Drops

Protective Barrier

CuanTec's Chrystal™ Coatings offer substantive protection against oil, alcohols, water and other fluids. In addition, Chrystal™ coatings use no plastics or petrochemicals and will not harm the environment!

Sun through the Branches

Strengthen Paper & Pulp

CuanTec’s chitin-based coatings helps considerably strengthen the paper and cardboard. 100% biodegradable in nature, meaning the entire packaging box can be recycled as normal, meeting EU compostability standards. The packaging will naturally break down in the environment or can be recycled with paper pulp recovered as normal.

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