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Our Products

CuanTec has just started its journey of innovation and has very high ambitions for its future.


On the one hand, CuanTec is innovating across the total value chain to produce "core" Chitosan to the highest standards of traceability and process transparency, which we know are important for a wide range of customers.  

We are already producing products with Deacetylation (DDA) rates of 90% or more and Viscosity levels of 1,000 Centrepoises or more.  Our target is to only produce very high DDA and Viscosity products.


All products are of very high quality and traceability transparency dried/powdered high specification Chitosan powder product, available in a range of volumes.  The range will be tailored for different combinations of viscosity, Degree of Deacetylation and particle size as required by customers.  


On the other hand, CuanTec will continue to Research and Develop products and product applications using chitosan, including developing new sources of supply such as non-crustacean chitosan. We have already developed a number of product applications, which will be of undoubted use in specialist categories.

CHRYSTAL® is CuanTec’s own brand name for its proprietary chitosan core range 


CHRYSTAL® will be made  to the highest standards of quality and traceability at our site in the UK with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditation, including HACCP controls using feedstock which is sourced in waters around the UK and which meets the British Retail Consortium’s standards for traceability.

As we work closer with our partners, we expect to co-develop future Chitosan-based products. 

We are ready to work in such categories for likely application areas of our products:

·       Health and Beauty

-       Biomedical

-       Dental

-       Vetinirary

·       Cosmetics

·       Fibre making

·       Supplements

·       Drug Delivery

·       Impregnation/Coatings

·       Paper strengthening

·       Thickeners

·       Soil enhancing


Strong. Soft. From Textiles to Biomedical applications.

Chrystal™ Chitosan

The world's best Chitosan, tailored for your specific requirements.





Chitosan powder
CuanTec Chitosan powder

Strong. Soft. From Textiles to Biomedical applications.

Chitosan powder:  Made to customer's specification, with targeted DDAs of 90% plus and viscosity rates of 1,000 plus

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