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Who Are We?


Founded in 2017, and supported by its committed investors, led by Hive Energy, Scottish Enterprise and the Founders Factory, CuanTec is a ground-breaking biotech company  determined to make positive changes to the world we live in with its range of products, supported by its high level of management practices and commitment to traceability.


We manufacture very high quality, very high specification Chitosan products.

We also offer a number of additional benefits to our customers:

- customised products as required by our partners, because we have the ability to create very high viscosity and very highly Deacetylated Chitosan products

- visibility and traceability of feedstock right back to the source, providing trust in the supply chain

- an environmentally-beneficial process which upcycles the shell byproduct, which is often just disposed of, impacting the environment

- professional management controls, supported by ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditation

These benefits enable us to produce products for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, industrial and agricultural sectors, where the quality, the provenance and the security of supply are assured

Our Team

Our Team

Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Rupert Maitland-Titterton

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Norwood

Chief Operations


Head of Finance
Lloyd Pitcairn
Head of Finance
Factory Manager

Alan Findlay

Plant Manager

Operational Management Team

Lead Scientist

Dr Murat Kaya

Head NPD Scientist

Chief Engineer

Neil Cochrane

Engineering Manager

Sales manager
Piotr Pankowski
Sales Manager
Shift team Leader 4
Thomas Galloway
Team Leader
Quality Manager

Laura McCusker

Quality Manager

Shift Team Leader 2
Jim Hay
Team Leader
HR Manager

Dawn Mace

Operations Manager

Shift Team Leader 1
Brian Mitchell
Team Leader
Shift Team Leader 3
Craig Low
Team Leader
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