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CuanTec Chitosan Fibers

Incredibly Strong. Incredibly Soft. 
All-natural, chitosan fibers can be used in applications ranging from textiles to biomedical industries.

Green Recycle Symbol

100% Recyclable!

Our packaging material is biodegradable and compostable and returns its natural components to the environment, without leaving a trace.  We use natural materials to create our product, and it will return to nature without causing any harm. Read more...

Textile Industry

Naturally STRONG

Our CuanTec Chitosan Fibers are incredibly strong, soft, flexible, and still maintain antimicrobial efficacy. Applications range from textiles to biomedical.

Sun through the Branches


CuanTec’s process helps avoid the emissions associated with the disposal of the shellfish waste meaning these wastes are not incinerated. In addition, by replacing fossil-fuel-based plastics, CuanTec helps to avoid emissions associated with the production and disposal of these plastic product as well. Read more...

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