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MSP Backs CuanTec

We are happy to announce that Graham Simpson is backing us, here is the press release:

AN MSP has given his backing to an Airdrie company that is at the forefront of the battle to reduce the global problem of plastic pollution. Tory Graham Simpson believes CuanTec (Cuan is the Gaelic word for the ocean), which is based at BioCity in Chapelhall, has a winner on its hands with its innovative use of shellfish to manufacture bio-degradable food packaging including their innovative single use six-pack ring holder for drink cans. The single use ring holder has the potential to save millions of animals each year by preventing entanglement in these plastic death traps.

Mr Simpson has lodged a Member's Motion at Holyrood in recognition of CuanTec's ground-breaking work on its range of eco-friendly products and innovations, which quickly received cross party support.

The MSP said “The work and research that CuanTec is putting into the manufacture of bio-degradable packaging is groundbreaking. CuanTec is leading the way, making compostable alternatives from natural ingredients and food waste.

“CuanTec is looking at using the byproducts from langoustines and other shellfish and turning it into a biodegradable version of the six-pack holder that are the scourge of animals on land and the sea.

“The company is now looking at crowdfunding to allow further research and development of sustainable packaging. If everyone could spare a pound it would make such a huge difference, allowing CuanTec to quickly achieve its funding goal.

“The epidemic that is plastic pollution is something that the world is finally waking up to. That is where companies like CuanTec come into their own.

“It is estimated that 100 million marine mammals are affected each year by plastic waste. That is a shocking figure. That is why it’s brilliant to see an Airdrie company leading from the front in the fight to reduce our consumption of plastic, whilst potentially saving millions of animals a year.”

The firm intends to launch the biodegradable can holders in the drinks market by 2020, and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to secure £200,000 worth of investment to hire more staff and expand its facilities at BioCity.

CuanTec Chief Executive Officer Dr Cait Murray said…”The world is just starting to understand the dangers of microplastic getting into the human food chain, it is time to find compostable alternatives to oil-based plastics that perform to the same standards. CuanTec are achieving that, creating a globally important lead in biological extraction technology for Scotland and also finding solutions to food waste issues at the same time. We are truly a circular economy and have zero waste ambitions. It is important that our crowdfunder is supported as it helps to show that everyone can be part of the plastic pollution solution as well as the problem.”

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