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Meet our New CEO

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Craig Sterling is to become our new CEO and will take up his post from Monday September 14th 2020. Coming to us from California, Craig has held leadership positions with a number of businesses throughout his career in the Life and Material Sciences sectors. He has experience in founding businesses, product and business development as well as delivering several successful product launches, all across global markets. This rich career history will allow Craig to bring valuable knowledge and skills to CuanTec as we work toward the launch of our first product.

In his personal life, he enjoys lots of outdoor activities including, but certainly not limited to, hiking, skiing, diving and paddle boarding. These hobbies led to his natural love and appreciation of the environment, including active participation in local environmental causes such as Friends of Ballona Wetlands; an organisation for the restoration and protection of wetlands in the Los Angeles area.

As this aligns perfectly with CuanTec’s values of protecting nature and combining it with his professional expertise, Craig is a fantastic addition to the CuanTec team, and we all look forward to helping him relocate to Oban.

“The ability to eliminate single-use non-compostable plastic and replace it with biodegradable, renewable technologies that additionally eliminate a major waste stream in the process, is truly exciting and I could not be more proud or excited to be the new CEO of CuanTec, Ltd.” – Craig Sterling, CEO CuanTec

We are indebted to Dr Cait Murray-Green who stepped down as CEO in July. She skilfully and passionately has led CuanTec from its inception, creating a world leader poised to tackle the dual issues of food-waste and plastic pollution through environmenally sustainable new materials. She has secured many achievements including vital investment capital from Sky Ocean Ventures and Scottish Innvestment Bank (part of Scottish Enterprise). Cait leaves the company in great health, an acknowledged top 10 leader in Scottish BioEconomy and Start-Ups, leader in the field of circular economy, winner of Higgs Edge prize in June 2017, winner of several further innovation awards, and primed to move forward with its vision. We wish Cait well in her future projects, knowing that she will continue to be successful. “It has been a privilege to be the founder of CuanTec, a company that has sustainability, Circular Economy and Zero Waste at its heart and certainly not shy of tackling global level problems with global leading vision and innovation. It is exciting to welcome Craig to CuanTec and to Scotland – he has the perfect combination of strong scientific understanding, strong business experience creating lasting customer relationships and internal teams and also strong appreciation and love of the environment“ - Cait Murray Green, Founder Director CuanTec

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