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Natural Cosmetics
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Chrystal™ Skin Care

Our Chrystal Chitosan has antimicrobial properties, keeping the skin protected against harmful microorganisms that cause inflammation, infection, acne and other skin conditions. Chrystal Chitosan also effectively removes excess sebum, preventing from further inflammation and infection while keeping skin soft, smooth and glowing.

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100% Recyclable!

Our packaging material is biodegradable and compostable and returns its natural components to the environment, without leaving a trace.  We use natural materials to create our product, and it will return to nature without causing any harm. Read more...

Applying Face Cream

All-Natural, Chitin-based Skin Care and Cosmetics

Our first formulations of our ocean-based, all-natural, skin care and cosmetics are being developed and tested in collaboration with an academic partner in the field

Sun through the Branches


CuanTec’s process helps avoid the emissions associated with the disposal of the shellfish waste meaning these wastes are not incinerated. In addition, by replacing fossil-fuel-based plastics, CuanTec helps to avoid emissions associated with the production and disposal of these plastic product as well. Read more...

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