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Investment Announcement

CuanTec are pleased to announce a major new partner to our investor portfolio; Sky Ocean Ventures. 

Sky Ocean Ventures have a specific mission to invest in ideas and businesses who can help solve the oceans plastic crisis. 

As Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s Group Chief Executive, put it himself “Sky Ocean Ventures is a bold new creation that will support breakthrough thinking and invest in promising new ideas that will help turn off the plastics tap.” 

Cait Murray-Green, CEO of CuanTec says “We are thrilled to have SOV supporting us, helping CuanTec achieve its goals in tackling plastic pollution and food waste through new compostable anti-microbial food packaging. SOV really understand the goals that CuanTec has set and can help us spread awareness of the issues and solutions that we and others are developing to address one of the largest issues that the world faces today.”

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