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CuanTec CEO to give exciting talk at Materials Science Mega Webinar Tuesday 7th of March!

Catch our CEO Craig Sterling at the Materials Science Mega Webinar tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th of March as he covers vital points of our mission here at CuanTec. Craig is scheduled to give his talk at 13:10pm EST (18:10pm UK) until 13:40pm EST (18:40pm UK) then again at the closing round table on the 7th and 8th from 13:40pm EST (18:40pm UK) until 14:10pm EST (19:10 UK).

You can register to tune into the webinar below:

Just some of the Key Points Craig will be covering tomorrow:

  • CuanTec has developed a proprietary process to naturally separate chitin, proteins, emulsifiers and minerals from shellfish waste, insect shell, and mycelium.

  • CuanTec’s proprietary process naturally maintains the full chain length of this amazing biopolymer while providing the purest grade chitin available.

  • CuanTec’s chitin has applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, supplements, textiles and food industries.

  • CuanTec’s first products include strong, transparent, and flexible bio-based films to replace single-use plastics.

This is the perfect opportunity to hear all about CuanTec and a bit more about what the future looks like for us as we get ready to launch our first product!

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