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Industrial Microbiologist

CuanTec Ltd is completing its first commercial-scale facility to produce chitin (a naturally occurring amino polysaccharide) at Glenrothes, Fife using a proprietary novel biological method from shellfish waste. Simultaneously, it is developing high value novel products in collaboration with partners. 

We require an industrial microbiologist to support our company with process and product development and our manufacturing team with running our biological process for extracting chitin. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years industrial work experience in the field of bioprocessing, with extensive experience in microbiology including fermentation and enzymatic optimisation knowledge, experience of downstream processing techniques, with knowledge of microbiological quality control would also be advantageous.  The candidate must also be experienced in managing the day to day running of a containment level II microbiology lab, being well versed in good housekeeping, good laboratory practices and safety control measures.  Experience in quality control, the design and conduct of experiments, recording and reporting data, and safe microbiology working practices are essential.      


A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant science discipline is required such as microbiology, fermentation science or biotechnology (with a substantial microbiology component). 


Key Accountabilities also include:

  • Work to help establish CuanTec’s microbiological quality control for the process being up scaled. 

  • Aiding in future development of CuanTec’s chitin extraction process for a range of food waste feed stocks, and its biological conversion to chitosan.  

  • Providing knowledge transfer from laboratory scale processes to the commercial production team.

  • Supporting the manufacturing team with process troubleshooting and improvement.

  • Designing and conducting experiments, and challenge tests, to verify the performance of finished products and the efficiency and effectiveness of biological processes at laboratory scales.   

  • Devising work plans and report progress.  

  • Safely manage the day to day running of containment level II microbiology laboratory and confidently handle any unforeseen practical issues that may arise. 

  • Generating safe working practices to protect oneself and colleagues from harm whilst using biological/bacteriological processes.   


The remuneration package will be competitive and reflect the level of expertise of the successful candidate.  This will include pension, life insurance and critical illness cover, as well as addition time-in-service annual leave allowance.

To apply please provide a CV to highlighting your career, focusing on your skills and personal achievements and a cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate. 

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