The company

CuanTec is a blue biotechnology company creating a circular economy where waste from processing of the fisheries industry is put to good use.

Every year, 8.8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea; a third of it has been used only once. A garbage patch of 3.5m sq km made of plastic is floating in the pacific. An uninhabited island has been found covered in plastic brought by the ocean. Those are examples of what our plastic consumption does to the planet. This is why we began our journey to the new generation of bio-plastic food packaging.

Almost a third of food created in western nations is wasted. 10% of that loss occurs between farm and supermarket shelf.

Each year, in the UK alone, 7,000,000 tonnes of food from homes and 240,000 tonnes from supermarkets ends up in landfill. That loss creates a stink, it costs money, and it is avoidable.

Those problem are above national disgrace, they are worldwide, and they must be tackled.

Cuantec is extracting biologically a naturally occurring biopolymer, chitin from fish processing waste, then, deacetylate it to obtain chitosan (for more information on the process, go the page Science).

We then mix this chitosan with other biopolymers and natural substances to create a flexible anti-microbial and compostable bioplastic film, to be used as food packaging, reducing plastic pollution ending up in landfill and in nature, furthermore its anti-microbial characteristic will extend the shelf life of fresh food.

For more information on our products coming soon, chitin, chitosan and bio-plastic, visit our science page.

The Key Members of the Team

Dr Cait Murray-Green

Dr Cait Murray-Green

Chief Executive Officer

Cait has been involved with CuanTec since its inception. She is highly skilled in the commercialisation of science and technology. She is a research scientist who has moved through product development, sales and business development roles.

She has also worked as a Commercialisation Manager working with public sector scientists and as a consultant specialising in helping companies find their business opportunities and gain funding to commence activities.

Dr Tracy White

Dr Tracy White

Head of Microbiology

Tracy is a microbiologist who obtained her undergraduate degree through the University of the Highlands and Islands at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, and her PhD at Queen's University Belfast. She has several years' experience within the biotechnology sector and has worked with various commercial and industrial sectors. Tracy leads the microbiological aspects of the novel extraction process developed by Cuantec and is based at the European centre for Marine biotechnology, near Oban.

Sarah Connelly (MSc)

Sarah Connelly (MSc)

Process Scientist

Sarah obtained her Master's degree in Industrial Biotechnology with distinction at the University of Strathclyde, through IbioIC's first collaborative masters. Sarah did her research project with CuanTec, and is now involved in the development of the process.