Our Scientists and some of our management team are based at The Scottish Association for Marine Science just outside of Oban and others are home-based.  

If we’ve not had a chance to meet you yet, we do hope there will be an opportunity in the future, in the meantime, our profiles below will serve as a virtual introduction.

If you think CuanTec is the place for you to work, we’re always happy to receive CVs from people wanting to join our team.  You can email us at enquiries @ cuantec.com.


Craig Sterling, CEO

With a rich history in running business and successfully launching a number or products and services, across global markets, Craig has the ideal skills and knowledge to help CuanTec grow to the next level. 

As an outdoor enthusiast, being CEO of CuanTec is the perfectly mix of Craig's passion for helping the enivronment and his professional experiences from throughout his career. The idea of eliminating single use plastic, whilst also reducing food waste makes him incredlibly exicted and proud to be a part of CuanTec. 

Tracy White, Head of Science

Tracy is a microbiologist who obtained her undergraduate degree through the University of the Highlands and Islands at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, and her PhD at Queen's University Belfast. She has several years' experience within the biotechnology sector and has worked with various commercial and industrial sectors. Tracy leads the microbiological aspects of the novel extraction process developed by CuanTec and is based at the European centre for Marine biotechnology, near Oban.
Paula Duffy

Paula Duffy, Marketing

Paula has a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde and after working in research labs in Cambridge, decided to move into a role based more on the more commercial aspects of science. Working for CuanTec presented itself as an opportunity to learn these skills and so much more. Paula says she enjoys working for CuanTec as she is able to be involved in many aspects of the business. “It’s a real chance to challenge myself and I have developed so many new skills, all whilst working for a company that is truly going to make a difference to the world”.

Christine Jesson, Senior Production Scientist

Christine is our Senior Production Scientist. She studied Applied Biotechnoloy at Undergraduate level and went on to do a Masters in Applied Drug Discovery. Her strong values and passion for improving the environment, along with the challenges of creating such an innovate product attracted her to CuanTec.  At CuanTec, Christine particularly enjoys working as part of a diverse and developing young time with highly motivated leadership. 
Image of Christine Jesson

April MacLeod, Compliance

As a science graduate of University of Glasgow, April went on to gain over 15 years’ experience in ISO accredited/non-accredited laboratories, working both practically and in office-based roles covering a range of business administration duties and accreditation maintenance.