CuanTec works in harmony with natural resources to reduce food waste and plastic pollution.

We are a biotechnology company that understands value can be found in waste.  We actually prefer to use the term “by-products” – what is waste to one industry can be the starting point for another (see Turning Trash into Treasure).

We use by-products from the food industry (specifically the inedible parts of shellfish) to create new materials and products of interest to the food, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. 

Through the links below you can find out more about our team, our solutions and how we work with our partners to achieve our goals.  We'd love to hear from you via social media (Twitter and  Facebook) or contact us directly.
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The Team

CEO Cait Murray-Green and her management team lead a passionate group of Scientists and Food Packaging experts to realise CuanTec's solutions.  Find out more about the team and what it’s like to work for CuanTec.

Meet the Team
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Our Solutions

Find out about the environmental issues we hope our business will solve.
Discover how our low energy, biological processes yield multiple useful products to satisfy our zero waste mentality when coming up with new formulations for a range of sectors.

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Our Partners

We work in partnership with businesses and organisations that share our goal to realise our solutions. 

Find out more about who we work with, how we work with them and who’s funding our work.

Meet the Partners