Turning Trash into Treasure

Buying processed food is a convenience we’ve come to rely on, but have you ever thought about what happens to the bits we don’t eat?

Take langoustines for example, the catch is worth £97 million per year to the UK economy.  The meat from these shellfish is commonly used to make scampi, but this process results in about three quarters of each langoustine going in the trash, to landfill, where it rots and produces greenhouse gases and noxious smells. 

We want to change this and work with processing companies that share our values, to help turn this trash into treasure.

How does that work?

Once the processing companies make their product, the trash shells are processed by CuanTec and a large amount of a sugar called chitin is collected.  This is our primary product, which we use to make a food packaging material that can replace plastic.  We pride ourselves on being a leading circular business and aspire to find value in every single part of our production, ourselves, or in partnership with others who will treasure our trash. 

The remnants from our gentle processing technique for example, enables us to supply the fisheries industry with a high protein feed full of natural goodness.

Do you have Trash that can be our Treasure?

We'd love to hear from you if you are a shellfish supplier that wants to find a use for your shell waste. Contact us!

Image depicting the circular economy of langoustines