More Time to Dine

On average one fifth of the food we buy is wasted.  This means if we feed four people, we could feed a fifth with food we throw away.  One of the reasons we throw food away is that we haven’t eaten it before the “use by date”.  How many times have you looked in the fridge to find what you planned to cook has past its use by date? 

Packaged food like fish fillets have a certain shelf-life (use by date) that indicates for how long the food is safe to eat.  After this time, there is a risk that dangerous bacteria have grown on it and the fish is no longer safe to eat.  

To help food stay fresher for longer, are developing CuanSaveTM, a food contact material that contains chitosan.  Chitosan has natural antimicrobial properties, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.  This gives you more time to eat the food in your fridge!


Do you have any food waste tips?

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Image depicting smoked salmon