The Headache of Recycling

Even with the best of intentions, recycling is yet to be possible for everything we discard.  In the food industry, black plastic trays and items made up of different materials bonded together can’t be separated and end up going to landfill.

It’s also impossible to recycle food packaging contaminated with food scraps or grease.

Now, imagine all food packaging had to be compostable - if the wrapper touches food, it must be able to go into the food waste stream. This is what CuanTec is working towards. We have created the world’s first home compostable and antimicrobial alternative to plastic food packaging. This will stop tonnes of plastic production and subsequent waste.

Our food contact film is being tested in partnership with a number of seafood companies across the UK.  The packaging, even if contaminated by the oils from smoked salmon, can be disposed of in any home compost heap or food waste recycling scheme.

Fed up with the recycling system?

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Food packaging trash
Image depicting smoked salmon