Moving Towards a Circular Economy

In nature, there is no waste - everything has a purpose.  If we were to adopt this system, we could save tonnes of natural resources and improve our environment.

As a society, we need to move away from the linear “take, make, dispose of” mentality and move towards a circular economy, where the “waste” from one process becomes a valued by-product for another customer, perhaps in a very different industry.

At CuanTec, we take the by-products from the shellfish industry and use them in our gentle, biological process to extract pure, high quality chitin for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.


Ready to be a part of the circular economy? 

We are seeking partners who will help us to realise the value in our by-products.  Contact us if you’re developing fish or animal feed or carbon capture/storage and you have an idea you'd like to discuss.

linear and circular economy