Biology is the New Chemistry

Our raw material comes from food processing companies who make foods we love like breaded scampi.  Their trash becomes our treasure and we extract the valuable natural product, chitin, at a high yield in this first step towards our packaging solution. 

We are not the first or only company to realise the material properties of chitin.  However, we do aspire to collect as much as possible from the shells and have an eye on the value of our entire product stream, not just our primary product, chitin.  We use very few chemicals in our labs and we’ve found a low energy, environmentally friendly way to extract the chitin.  This leaves a wonderfully rich and usable by-product that can go back into the fisheries industry.

We can also transform the chitin into the more soluble product chitosan, which can be used in many applications.  It has natural anti-microbial properties and interesting structural and functional properties that mean it can be used to create a range of products with market advantages, as well as cost savings and environmental benefits.

Do you want to be a part of our process?

We are looking for customers or collaborators who want to find value in our high protein by-products that are perfect for fish or animal feed.  Contact us if you have an idea you'd like to discuss.

Lab image 1
Image of chitin and chitosan