Our Solutions

At the heart of CuanTec’s story is wanting to take care of our environment.  We want to remove the issues of food waste and plastic pollution through an innovative approach.  We are creating a viable, circular business with the well-being of our planet at its core.

We are passionate that a new form of the economy, the bioeconomy, will see investors and consumers value the preservation of our environment as much as traditional monetary value.     

Read more about our business ideas and our solutions.  We'd love to hear what you think.

shellfish shell waste

Turning Trash into Treasure

Buying processed food is a convenience we’ve come to rely on, but have you ever thought about what happens to the bits we don’t eat?

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smoked salmon ready to eat

More Time to Dine

On average one fifth of the food we buy is wasted.  This means if we feed four people, we could feed a fifth with the food we throw away.  
Find out more about our shelf-life extending products.
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food packaging trash

The Headache of Recycling

Even with the best of intentions, recycling is yet to be possible for everything we discard in our lives, particularly contaminated food packaging, so what can we do?
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plastic waste floating in sea

Plagued by Plastic

Images of plastic waste floating in the sea and thinking about how it affects the environment is devastating.  Find out how we're taking steps to combat this scourge.
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Lab worker

Biology is the new Chemistry

Using harsh, hazardous chemicals to extract chitin is not new.  We aim to be the first company to extract pure, high quality chitin using biology.
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Infinity of beads

Moving Towards a Circular Economy

The linear economy (take, make, dispose) is not sustainable. Find out how we are working with partners to find value in our by-products.
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