The Science Behind Cuantec

Green Chemistry: The Science Behind Cuantec.

CuanTec has developed new processes and new materials from marine and aquaculture waste in order to create value-added products with market advantage, that bring cost savings and environmental benefits to many areas.

CuanTec extracts chitin from marine sources from the pollution free waters of the North Atlantic. Taking by-products from the fisheries industries and creating innovative new products useful to many growing industries worldwide.

CuanTec is a rarity – a company working from shell to final product rather than focussing on a single section of the value-chain.

Our main advantage is that our chitosan is obtained biologically, thanks to harmless bacteria, in a low-energy process with minimal wastage, and at a high yield providing a very high quality product. The process produces no pollution, only saleable by-products.



The first product developed with our chitosan is an anti-microbial, compostable food contact material (FCM) packaging which reduces spoilage and prolongs shelf-life of fresh food. Initially this will be aimed at the seafood sector.

CuanTec's technology and processes creates exceedingly high quality chitosan through a very gentle process. This provides a perfectly clear film, without the yellow tinge that previously has discouraged the use of chitosan in FCM products.

CuanTec's film have anti-microbial action against all of the main pathogens and food spoilage organisms including E.coli, Salmonella, Vibrio, Listeria and lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds.