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CuanTec welcomes Ivan McKee, MSP, and Directors from Scottish Government to Oban R&D Labs

L-R: HIE’s Lucinda Gray, Government Director Louise MacDonald, HIE’s Douglas Cowan, Scottish Government Minister Ivan McKee, MSP, and CuanTec NPD Chemist Dana Clarkson

CuanTec was pleased to host a recent visit by Ivan McKee, MSP, and Directors from the Scottish Government and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), who learned about our proprietary naturally derived biological, zero-carbon processes that eliminates existing shellfish waste and carbon emissions while replacing polluting or toxic products in the environment.

The Scottish Government and HIE are eager to support sustainable businesses to help further support technological innovation that also helps solve environmental problems. Mr McKee, who serves as the Scottish government’s Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, was joined by colleagues Louise MacDonald – Director General, Economy – Scottish Government, Douglas Cowan – HIE Director of Communities & Place, and Lucinda Gray – HIE Head of Projects and Partnerships.

Following the tour, the Minister and Directors met with CuanTec CEO Craig Sterling to further explore how the Scottish Government can support CuanTec to help us extend our R&D capabilities and get our products and technologies into the market. Many ideas were discussed and presented from both sides.

“I was very pleased by their attention to CuanTec’s technologies and mission,” Sterling said. “I was most impressed by the immediate response and follow through after our meeting which demonstrated their absolute belief in CuanTec and their immediate willingness to see the discussion have an immediate, supportive, and lasting impact.”

L-R: CuanTec CEO Craig Sterling, HIE’s Douglas Cowan & Louise MacDonald, Minister Ivan McKee.

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