COVID19: We're Coming Back

In April, CuanTec stopped its operations to assist the national effort in combatting the spread of COVID-19. We have missed our work and our colleagues but most of all, we have missed our wonderful range of stakeholders, customers and supporters. We hope that all of you and your loved ones have managed to deal well with the circumstances and remain in good health.

We are most pleased to announce we will be restarting our operations on Monday 3rd August and will be striving hard to adapt to the “new normal” practices as quickly as possible. This includes ensuring that our labs and office spaces are suitably equipped to keep our staff safe and that they, our colleagues who work remotely and our stakeholders, are able to travel and visit us safely.

Over the coming months we will be working hard to progress our ambitious plans and begin some exciting projects to grow our business through developing innovative new products. In order to do this, we are investing in new laboratory equipment and customer facing staff to maintain our focus on delivering the products our customers need. We are excited about our future as demand for applications using chitosan, especially for the highest quality and purest grades, remains buoyant and is growing significantly.

If you have applications where you think CuanTec can help, we’d be delighted to hear about them, and we have a dedicated address to let us know here. If you have contacted us during the period of lockdown and have not yet received a response, we are sorry for the delay and will be prioritising your enquiry on our return.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has supported CuanTec until this point. We hope that you will continue to do so as we resume our progress and drive forward our ambitious plans to replace plastic packaging and reduce food waste.