The CuanTec team often speak at and attend events, which give us an opportunity to start exciting discussions with potential customers and meet like-minded individuals that share our passion for working with nature rather than impacting on it. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team have no events scheduled at the moment, but once this is all over, we’d be delighted to tell you where we’ll be so you can meet us and we can talk about working together.

If you’d like to talk to us in the meantime, please contact us at enquiries @ cuantec.com or fill in our Contact form

We had a good start to 2020!

Cait, Tracy, Paula and Joseph went to the IBioIC conference and presented in a number of sessions - read more in our blog.

On 20th February, Paula went along to the CeeD Industry Awards ceremony.  We were nominated for the Innovation Award, but no luck this time.

Cait presented at the EcoEmergency Event hosted by Garioch Women for Change in Inverurie on 7th March 2020.

What we're looking forward to...

We're presenting at Food and Beverage Innovation Forum, Hangzhou when it's rescheduled.  We'll be talking about how we contribute to a circular economy.  If you're going to be there we'll look forward to meeting you.  Tweet @CuanTec to get our attention. 

We'll be part of a panel session about food waste at The Ingredients Show, Birmingham when it's rescheduled in 2021.  Tweet @CuanTec if you want to meet us there!

Our Highlights from 2019

Our Ocean Wealth Summit

Cait presented about CuanTec in Cork, Ireland to an international audience with representatives from 30 small island nations and 750 delegates.

It was captured on video so take a look here -

Disruptive Innovation Festival 2019

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation hosts interactive broadcasts to share stories about  disruptive innovation to inspire action in moving towards a circular economy.  Cait joined Ian Archer (Technical Director at IBioIC) in DiF in September - watch the live broadcast here -

The Herald Pioneer Awards

We won!

These awards recognise and reward companies across all business sectors, who have engaged in sustainability and innovation in climate change action, driving for a more sustainable Scotland.  

In the inaugual year of these awards, we were delighted to win two categories:
  • Start-up 2019
  • Research Business Award
Our 2 Herald Awards!

2018 was a very busy year...

The team went to 24 events in Scotland, England, Iceland and Spain, but our notable hightlight was pitching in the John Lewis and Partners Retail Accelerator (JLAB) and winning the chance to work with Waitrose and Partners to developour seafood packaging and bring it to market.  

This is a photo of Cait meeting HRH Prince Charles and demonstrating the CuanSaveTM material wrapping the Duchy of Cornwall Smoked Salmon sold by Waitrose.

Work is continuing to refine the material and we hope to see it wrapping more food in the very near future!