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Plant Operators

Job description

Company:         CuanTec Ltd

Positions:          4 Plant Operators
Location:           Glenrothes, Fife


Who are we:

Founded in 2017, CuanTec is a ground-breaking biotech ready to help make incremental changes that positively impact the world we live in. CuanTec's scientists have developed a world-first, propriety technology to biologically separate chitin, proteins, minerals, and lipids from shellfish waste, mushrooms, and the exoskeletons of insects. CuanTec’s proprietary, ultra-pure, full-chain length and high molecular weight chitin is unique in the World, enabling product applications not fully possible before using commercially available chitin including a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.


What we’re looking for:

We are currently looking to recruit 4 x Plant Operators for our site in Glenrothes, Fife to work a 4 on, 4 off 12hr shift pattern of 2 days, 2 nights with 4 days off. You will be responsible for safely performing individual steps of the manufacturing process of extracting chitosan from chitinous raw materials. The job holder will also carry out process improvement work under the direction of the Plant Manager.


What we can offer:

  • £28K - £32K dependent on experience

  • 33x8hr Days, (22 x 12hr) Holiday Entitlement

  • Critical Health Care Insurance

  • Life Insurance


Your Responsibilities:

  • To carry out various manufacturing process steps whilst strictly adhering to Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Standards.

  • Operate plant operating conditions and keep it within specification targets.

  • Maintain accurate records of process conditions and adjustments made.

  • Complete associated paperwork to provide traceability including batch numbers of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, and through use of the SCADA process instrumentation system.

  • Assist with stock management, including offloading raw materials and despatch of finished goods.

  • Carry out routine safety checks, wear appropriate safety protection and contribute to safety improvement work through use of the company Safety Observation Scheme, safety contact meetings and training.

  • Provide a duty of care to onsite visitors and colleagues with respect to maintaining an operationally safe plant.

  • Carry out routine operational checks on equipment.

  • Alert management of abnormal or unsafe situations requiring intervention; more specifically any situations which could negatively impact health and safety, product quality, product safety, production efficiency and the environment.

  • Support site supervisors in troubleshooting operational problems and responding to out of operation or emergency situations.

  • Carry out scheduled hygiene cleaning and pay particular attention to satisfying the demands on the site’s HACCP, quality management system and other regulatory compliance needs.  

  • Perform QC in-process checks and final QC inspection on finish goods.



The essentials:

  • Experience of process operations within a continuous or batch processing industry.

  • Familiar with the design and use of common industrial processing equipment and continuous and batch manufacturing processes, including adhering to procedures, and completing documentation.

  • Experience of running fermentation processes, high temperature sterilisation processes, filtration and hazardous chemical processes provides distinct advantages.

  • Prior experience of commissioning, and developing a new, or a significant additional, manufacturing facility and carrying out process improvement work is also advantageous.

  • Excellent references and time keeping.

  • Achieved Higher grade qualifications in Chemistry, Mathematics plus at least one of Physics or Biology or Engineering.  

  • Demonstrate basic mathematical competence of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ratios, percentages, temperatures, weights, pressures, and flow rates.



  • Flexible and resourceful working will be needed as the employer is a biotechnology start-up and the science and technology behind the extraction process will continue to be developed over the coming years.

  • Residence must be convenient for travel to the Glenrothes plant or the job holder must be willing to relocate.

  • The site will be regulated under HACCP principles to comply with Food, Pharma and medical device standards. 



To apply please send a cover letter and CV to

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