Microbiology Scientist

Job Advertisement: Microbiology Scientist.


CuanTec Ltd is an innovative small company which has perfected a biological method of extracting ultra-pure chitin from shellfish waste from the fishing industry and utilising it for a variety of high value products being developed by us.

Following a significant new investment, we are building our first commercial-scale bio-based extraction facility on a site is to be opened later this year in Scotland.

We require a microbiologist to join the research and development team to expand our chitin extraction capabilities across a range of food waste feed stocks and to assess the antimicrobial performance of CuanTec’s high-value commercial products.  

The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years work experience in the field of microbiology, with an understanding of fermentation and enzymatic optimisation, and ideally have experience in downstream processing techniques.  The candidate must also be well versed in good housekeeping and good laboratory practices.  Experience in the design and conduct of experiments, recording and reporting data, and safe microbiology working practices is essential.      


A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant science discipline is required such as microbiology, fermentation science or biotechnology (with a substantial microbiology component). 


Key Accountabilities also include:

  • Developing CuanTec’s chitin extraction process for a range of food waste feed stocks, and its biological conversion to chitosan.  

  • Designing and conducting experiments, and challenge tests, to verify the performance of finished products and the efficiency and effectiveness of biological processes at laboratory scales.   

  • Providing knowledge transfer from laboratory scale processes to the commercial production team.

  • Generating safe working practices to protect oneself and colleagues from harm whilst using biological/bacteriological processes.   

  • Devising work plans and report progress.  

  • Managing consumable stock level of consumable items, laboratory clean-down and reagent preparation.  


The remuneration package will be competitive, including pension, life insurance and critical illness cover, and will reflect the level of expertise of the successful candidate.

To apply please provide a CV to hr@cuantec.com highlighting your career, focusing on your skills and personal achievements and a cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate.