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What We Do

Who Are We?

Founded in 2017, CuanTec is a ground-breaking biotech ready to help make incremental changes that positively impact the world we live in. CuanTec's scientists have developed a world-first, propriety technology to biologically separate chitin, proteins, minerals, and lipids from shellfish waste, mushrooms, and the exoskeletons of insects. CuanTec’s proprietary, ultra-pure, full-chain length and high molecular weight chitin is unique in the World, enabling product applications not fully possible before using commercially available chitin including a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Our Team

Our Team

Management Team

Craig Sterlingcrop.png

Craig Sterling

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Norwood Photo.JPG

Derek Norwood

Chief Operations Officer

Dr Tracy White

Scientific Manager

Lead Science Team

Dr Federico Luppi 

Lead NPD Scientist /
Analytical Chemist

Dr Nicholas Stanley

NPD Scientist

Toby Thomas
Lead Fermentation Scientist

Dana Clarkson

NPD / Analytical Chemist

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