International Women's Day 2020

International Women's day fell on 8th March 2020, with the theme 'Each for Equal'. This aims to challenge gender stereotypes and bias to make the world a fairer place for everyone. 

At CuanTec, we have an even split of men and women across the company, from the board to our scientists, women are represented at all levels. We recognise this doesn't happen everywhere are really proud to have reached this. 

Our CEO, Dr Cait Murray-Green has written this blog post talk about CuanTec's achievements and how our approach helps to create equal opportunities for women and men:

CuanTec is a brave company. We are deliberating challenging norms and boundaries and when the world tells us we “can’t do it like that” we come back with a very strong “Why not?”.

We didn't set out specific gender targets to have representation from women throughout the company. We have instead set out to find the best people for any given job or task and been very welcoming of all applications and selected those that fit our team and needs best.

As far as gender is concerned we have an equal board of directors and we have an equal split on overall employees and in our scientific team. That is unusual for a technology company and we are proud to have created an environment where all people feel equal and can see that there are no glass-ceilings.

I think part of this achievement comes from the philosophy and position of CuanTec within the BioEconomy area. We are not a profit-focussed Pharma or Oil company. We are, in our nature, wanting to develop ourselves as a company working in harmony with sustainable raw materials. We are creating products which perform to high technical standards but which have a final end of life that provides nutrition back to the environment.

The company personality is co-operative, gentle and hospitable - it could be argued that we are naturally more “feminine” to our approach to the way we operate internally and the business models that we implement. Perhaps that is behind our gender balance success?

I’d like to think it was also partly because we are creating technology solutions that are exciting and necessary and give us all hope that we really can make plastic pollution history - something everyone should be involved in.

Cait Murray-Green, CEO