IBioIC Conference

IBioIC Annual Conference

On the 5th and 6th February 2020, CuanTec attended the IBioIC Conference held at the University of Strathclyde. This was a fantastic event bringing together many people from different aspects of the BioEconomy.

The event was kicked off by Vivian Parry encouraging the biotech sector to get their messages out there – not by shouting facts at people but by engaging more with the public and building trust. We must not get bogged down with the specific facts or become preachy, but instead tell our story. We have solutions to help improve the world from several angles including healthcare and environment. We must create our own narrative before others do.

The rest of the two days were filled with lots of talk from various people who are a part of the bioeconomy. This included a showcase of IBioIC members, helping business to grow, talks about public engagement and policy as well as the wonderful work IBioIC carries out to encourage young people to become involved in STEM including their HND support, MSc, Internships and PhD programmes. There were lots of opportunities for networking and meetings throughout the two days which proved to be very useful for lots of attendees.

CuanTec also participated in the conference. Head of Science Tracy took part in a session about the Bioeconomy in Ayr and CEO Cait spoke about CuanTec is battling foodwaste. The session about Food Waste was full of small companies with fantastic ideas to combat one of the world’s biggest issues.

The outcome of the conference was one of real hope – Scotland has many innovative solutions to a number of issues facing the world. From food waste to fashion, our bioeconomy is growing every day. We must continue to encourage future generations to pursue their ideas and engage with the public about what the bioeconomy is and how we can help solve world problems.