Thank You Alexia!

As a newly formed company with a clear and strong ethos, CuanTec wanted to ensure that our values were engrained throughout its growth. To do this, we sought out the help of post doc Alexia Mellor. Alexia was brought on board to help take the themes that CuanTec believes in and help integrate them into our company culture and create our constitution.

Dr. Alexia Mellor recently completed an Arts and Humanities Research Council Postdoctoral Innovation Placement from Newcastle University where she worked with CuanTec to explore how arts and design methods and perspectives might help the company to critically think about how it might develop and sustain a company culture that reflects its core values and aims within the circular economy and reducing plastic pollution.

One of the aspirations that CEO Dr Cait Murray-Green has for CuanTec is to have shared ideas and effective communication imbedded throughout the company and continue to be at its heart as the company grows. This is a challenge that many start-up companies face when they are fortunate enough to develop, to grow their teams, and to encounter new and exciting opportunities.

After spending time with members of staff across the different areas of the company, Alexia developed a bespoke toolkit, The CuanTec Courier, which can be used throughout CuanTec’s evolution. The kit is designed to support team members in identifying core values, and how to ensure that these are central to all operations – from hiring procedures, to public engagement, to how suppliers are selected. It can be used within small team meetings, planning sessions, as well as within team away days. The CuanTec Courier uses the framework of storytelling to help team members imagine, visualise and dream big, while then creating specific action steps to achieving their goals.

We have only recently received the tool kit and are very excited to put it to use. We believe this will be very useful in allowing team members to think a bit differently from their everyday jobs and work through problems in a productive, creative way.

CuanTec would like to offer a huge thanks to Alexia for all of her hard work in creating this kit and helping us to think about how, as a company, we can implement our core values throughout the business as we continue to grow. We wish her lots of success on her future endeavours!