CuanTec Shell-ebration

If you have been following CuanTec, you will know that the past few months have been quite hectic – even by our standards! From international events to more local engagements, we have been busy talking about the business and values that we hold dear such as creating a zero-waste process within a circular economy. Our biggest announcement was our investment from Sky Ocean Ventures and Scottish Enterprise, allowing us to really move into our next phase of development.

Securing the investment took a lot of hard work from many different people. In order to mark the accomplishment and thank the wonderful staff and supporters of the company, Team CuanTec enjoyed a day away and overnight at Loch Melfort Hotel near Oban.

This was a fantastic way to get everyone who has been involved so far together, as well as introduce our new starts to members of the team who they do not see regularly (as the company is based across two sites and has a number of home-based staff). Starting with a tour of the Oban Whisky Distillery, the team learned all about the history of the distillery and how the whisky is produced with a wee dram at the end to sample the famous Oban 14. Drivers were even given theirs in a glass screw-top bottle, so they didn’t have to miss out!

From there we made our way to Loch Melfort Hotel. A beautiful location with stunning views either across the water or looking into the vast gardens and green spaces.