Celebration at Sky Ocean Ventures!

CuanTec has had a growing relationship with Sky Ocean Ventures (SOV) for over a year now, which, after lots of hard work, resulted in a substantial amount of investment (along with Scottish Investment Bank) for CuanTec at the start of September.


At the beginning of October, CuanTec were pleased to be invited down to Sky HQ in West London to celebrate the 16 businesses SOV have been working with over the past year. The aim of SOV is to invest in innovative and forward-thinking companies with sustainable solutions that will allow us to turn off the plastic tap.


Coming from a small but growing company (we’ve had 4 new staff start in the past month!), Sky HQ was a very different place. A beautiful complex with lots of green spaces around and filled with many, many people. The main building was equipped with everything the modern employee would look for: open spaces, lots of light, lovely restaurant and café, a Little Waitrose and a cinema. That was only the ground floor. Definitely the type of headquarters that CuanTec will be aiming to have in a few years’ time – although we will be staying in the west of Scotland!

The day was full of presentations and information about Sky and its ambitions to lead us to ‘turn off the plastic tap’. Science correspondent Thomas Moore spoke about the destruction of marine life that he had witnessed as a result of plastic, and the drive to create films that expose this damage to the rest of the world. SOV Ambassador Emily Penn explained about the moment she realised that humans’ overuse of plastic was affecting the most remote parts of the oceans, as she sailed from the UK to Australia. This led to the creation of eXXpedtion – a women only crew sailing around the world to study ocean plastic pollution from their onboard research lab. This has been extremely successful, with another voyage setting off this week (CuanTec was privileged to work with the eXXpedition crew last year).