New Start Series: Toby Thomas

In recent months, we've been lucky enough to have some talented new employees start with CuanTec. Continuing our series of feedback on how it's been going so far with them, here's some comments from our newest lab technician, Toby:

"I'm am a Microbiology Technician here at our Oban site.

I first heard of CuanTec during my third year at university, while receiving a presentation from Dr Tracy White on the company and its work. From that lecture I was enthralled and amazed by the innovation and ideas of CuanTec. I was lucky enough to be offered a summer placement with CuanTec in 2018, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from.

Following this during my fourth year at university I undertook a co-supervised dissertation with CuanTec, which luckily is just across the road from university! Even before I finished my course, I was offered a position at CuanTec and I started working at the Oban site a few weeks after my final exams of university in June 2019.

The past few months and in fact the past year of working with and for CuanTec has been a fantastic experience. I look forward to working with the talented people at CuanTec and helping with the goal of mitigating continuing plastic pollution."