Developing Young Workforce, 25 June 2019

Developing Young Workforce Event

This week CuanTec had the pleasure of exhibiting at City of Glasgow College. The event was designed to engage young people (S1/2) in conversations about circular economies and why STEM is so important for the future.

The participants were all eager to talk to each of the exhibitors and were happy to volunteer and take part during the opening presentations and workshops. We had many young people and teachers keen to talk to us about our company. Many were already aware of the problems caused by thermoplastics and could see the advantages of our compostable replacement – we even had one young man say that he would invest in us!


The awareness that these young people had about the present state of our environment was very promising. Not only a reflection of the current media interests in the climate crisis, but also in our education system. Teaching the realities of how our behaviours are affecting the planet and its species is having an impact on students. They can see, probably more clearly than most adults, that we must change our lifestyles if we want humanity to survive. It is, however, up to adults to make these changes.

These events are hugely important to CuanTec. We believe strongly in the education of young people, showing (not just telling) steps we can take to deal with the current climate crisis. We want to give back to our communities and encourage open and honest conversations with anyone who wants to know more and get involved in our mission to make plastic pollution history.

We would like to say a huge thank you to SmartSTEMs, Developing the Young Workforce Glasgow and Circular Glasgow for organising the event and asking us to participate. Each of these organisations are doing fantastic work to show young people about potential careers in STEM subjects and businesses and it was a pleasure to work with them.