CuanTec's CEO Cait Murray was asked to give the closing remarks at the launch of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital film "Scotland: our Natural wealth" at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh last night.

This is what she had to say: 

"The whole story of Cuantec comes from wanting to care for the environment – wanting to remove the issues of food waste and plastic pollution through an innovative approach that is a viable business that puts the environment at its heart.

As a teenager I discovered some of the teachings and philosophies of the native americans – and they stay with me to this day. Do not take from the earth until you have proven the sustainability – native americans will not take the first or second flower or animal that they are hunting, but the third.

They also teach that you need to Think Forwards about the effect of your choices down the ages – Native Americans consider changes and decisions for 7 generations hence, we need to do the same.

Scotland is a rich nation with many natural resources. This abundance can be used to generate wealth and well-being for all lucky enough to live here, as long as we as a nation, as a combination of businesses, government and guardians work together not for the best compromise position but to work for the harder to find total win position, where business work in sustainable harmony with the resources available to us.

The most important thing that I can see in Scotland is the beauty of the mountains, lochs and glens, it draws tourists, it provides a healthy larder of produce and it also inspires people native borne and immigrants, like myself, to put down our own roots.

The most important thing that I can see for Scotland going forward is to protect that beauty and to enable a balance with global businesses that enables Scotland to obtain and retain the best possible human and natural resources.

With that Scotland will take its place on the world stage as a leader in Bioeconomy and a true example of appropriate guardianship of its natural world. "


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