I had one of those "its all real now" moments yesterday.

I was collecting langoustine from our generous suppliers SFO so we can start the fermenation experiments, and suddenly it felt like we were actually up and running and beginning to move forwards.

It has take a while to get to this point.

I first heard of this project, when it was just an embryonic idea about 4 years ago. Since then a lot has happened. The initial idea was totally scrapped as unworkable, the new idea took time to form, time to research and confirm and a LONG time to get the support of Scottish Enterprise through their SMART award scheme and Gabriel Investments to be able to make it happen.

But now, it is definitely happening.

We have a lab, we have a steady stream of equipment being installed and we have some experiments starting to test out the concepts and providing data to enable us to refine the plan.

Its a great feeling!




CuanTec Ltd will open its lab on 9th Jan 2017 with a SEED fund from investors and grant support from SMART Scotland to begin its journey of developing innovative products from raw materials provided by the ocean.
The process of moving from a concept, an ambition to a detailed plan with appropriate evidence on both the technology and business fronts is not swift. Ideas develop, EU regulations and directives change (in this case for the benefit of the business) and it takes dedication and determination to get to a final point where there is a solid plan.

After a process of over 2 ½ years, we have achieved the launch of CuanTec, a biopolymer manufacturing company who will be researching innovative methods of biological extraction of chitin from the shells of langoustines and from that creating a chitosan based biodegradable, compostable, antimicrobial food packing initially aimed at the fresh seafood market.

Scotland is a great location for this business. A supportive innovation community including the Tech Transfer team at the founder’s alma mater, University of Strathclyde has provided assistance and guidance to develop the concept. The university, the Angel investor fund Gabriel, the Scottish Investment Bank (the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise), alongside the SMART Scotland team at Scottish Enterprise have enabled the financing of the business idea.

The idea itself is a winner – taking the non-edible parts of langoustine and from that creating food packing which will extend shelf-life. This will reduce volumes going to landfill from fish processing, from supermarkets and from households thereby contributing a circular economy solution to the 21 Century blight of food waste.

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