Still Smiling

Two months on and the whole team at CuanTec are still smiling.

The roller-coaster express that is CuanTec on steriods rolls on and we were delighted, if a little surprised, to be awarded the top possible prize of £150k at the Scottish Edge Round 10 awards at the end of June. The tune "Rock Lobster" will have a special place in our hearts from now on.

Edge is a big deal for us. It provides a very welcome cushion of funds that will get us past the end of the SMART feasibility work and into the market place, allowing us to get there faster by bringing additional skills and expertise from both new employees and also external consultants with the specific skills to get us to the next stage.

The focus is now on planning the execution of work in the lab and on the commercial front for the next couple of months to make sure that none of that belief in us that the judges showed goes to waste.

If anyone is thinking about Edge Round 11, then I can only say GO FOR IT. Don't hold back. It is true that some companies apply several times before winning anything, but we are proof that sometimes a first timer, in a brand new company can also walk away with the top prize.

I'm not sure that I've ever been so proud of an achievement. I've never won anything before - and this is a win that I am so pleased to be part of. Team work has got CuanTec this far and teamwork will take us forwards too.