HIGGS Edge (Scottish Edge Round 10) WINNERS

The past 6 months have progressed as a blur seen from a roller-coaster. CuanTec are on a high this morning. Last night we received the highest prize in Scottish Edge (Round 10) HIGGS section - £150,000 to spend on developing our business.

I can’t emphasise how much pride I feel at this. Often companies apply to Edge several times before winning any prize, so CuanTec going into that cohort and coming away with the top prize on our first try and after only being in operation since January is simply amazing.

The team pulled this together. It couldn’t have been done by any one of us alone. There have been additional helpers along the way working with graphics, filming the video, providing advice and nagging as required. Some of those people we hope will become integral to the team as we move forward.

To be honest the past 6 months have seen many highs and few lows. We are in a very fortunate place and have found tremendous goodwill from everyone we have met with so far. There is genuine interest and market pull for our product. So many people from related industries, potential partners and customers and the entrepreneurial support community have really gone that extra mile for us that we truly feel that we are working to create the right product in the right place at the right time.

However, it is not all luck. There has been a lot of planning, a lot of scientific and commercialisation skill brought to bear and a lot of hard work. The advantages of the product are easy to grasp, particularly in the setting of a circular economy story – but that story is only believable and can only provoke confidence if the team are also credible. Winning Edge provides us with the wonderful acknowledgement that we are a good team and have a bright future.

Friday 23rd June 2017, mark it in your diary. CuanTec have arrived.