Report: Our Ocean Wealth Summit 2019

Our Ocean Wealth Summit 2019

On 10thJune CuanTec had the honour of speaking at the ‘Our Ocean Wealth Summit 2019’ in Cork, Ireland with our investors, Sky Ocean Ventures.

Sky Ocean Ventures is an investment group aiming to clean up and protect our oceans from plastic. As a major investor in CuanTec, they gave us the opportunity to speak at this international event about our company, which we are extremely grateful for. Our CEO, Cait Murray-Green, made the presentation and afterwards she received a lot of positive feedback from audience members about our company and what we are trying to achieve.

Our Ocean Wealth was set up to protect and invest in Irish marine resources. As a government plan, it brings together multiple departments to work together to take advantage of Ireland’s vast waters as well as safeguard the marine environment. The summit was the flagship event for Irelands marine sector and was attended by several distinguished guests from around the world including politicians, diplomats, business representatives and climate change activists, all with one message: we must act now to save the earth as we know it.

Keynote speaker, former US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of how each nation must start working harder, and together, to protect our oceans and deal with climate change as the two are not independent of each other. He expressed concerns about slow-moving policy makers and emphasised the need for action now, advocating to the people in the room “lets just get it done”.

Many other speakers echoed the same message and the hunger to make a real difference in the room was obvious. Some spoke of the challenges that their nation faced and the changes they are implementing to do their part and save their oceans. Cait spoke proudly of our efforts in the blue economy. By taking waste fish products from fisheries and turning them into products that can replace current thermoplastics, our methods are much more environmentally conscious than for standard plastic. As our end-product is compostable, it removes the problem of plastic in the ocean or buried in landfill.

The stand-out speaker for us was 17-year-old Alicia O’Sullivan. As Ireland’s Youth Ambassador for Oceans, she gave an impassioned speech telling us all in no uncertain terms ‘climate change is now’. Encouraging a collaborative approach from government, scientists and activists across the globe, Alicia articulated the frustrations of youth around the world. The young people of this world will no longer tolerate empty words and promises from politicians and policy makers.

 They want change.

They want action.

We all need it now.


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