Sky Filming at Oban

Last week CuanTec welcomed a Sky filming crew to our Oban site to make a movie about what we do. As a major investor in our business, Sky Ocean Ventures commissioned the film to be included on our websites and various media outlets. As might be expected from a world-class media organisation, their film crew embraced all elements of CuanTec's business and followed the whole life-cycle of what we do - from the fishing of langoustines - to our processing of fishery waste into the production of our bio-plastic - to its final use as a packaging for seafood ......  it was all covered in just a few days! We can't wait to see the final result ...... and we'll share it with you as soon as we can!

(above: Our CEO, Dr Cait Murray-Green being interviewed just out the back of our Oban site)

(above: Creel boat moored after a successful fishing trip off beautiful Siel near Oban)

(above: Sky camera man filming production at Inverawe Smokehouse)

(above: preparing an interview with our Head of Microbiology, Tracy White at the Oban lab)