A New-Start View (part 2)

In the last couple of months, we've been lucky enough to have some talented new employees start with CuanTec. Continuing our series of feedback on how it's been going so far with them, here's some comments from our newest lab technician, Calum:

"As soon as I joined CuanTec at Biocity, I noticed how friendly and supportive everyone in the company that I had met was.  It is a close working community who try to help each other where ever they can and work together to achieve the over-all goals of the company.  I’ve found the working environment to be fast paced and productive but manageable and well-structured due to the weekly planning involving all stages of the business sharing ideas on how to proceed.  I have been supported with learning the required steps of my position with lab safety and independent work in mind; meaning that if I’m unsure of an aspect of what I’ve been asked to do then my manager will go over it as many times as required for me to feel confident in what I do.  All in all I would say my experience of joining CuanTec has been very positive and I look forward to working with everybody in the company further!"