Online Shop Now Open!

Finally CuanTec have got the webshop up and open for business.

This is a major milestone for us as a company. This is our first group of products that we can offer to the market.

We have chitosan obtained from the clear, pure waters of the North Atlantic from langoustine. This enables us to provide product which is naturally free from heavy metal ions and is of highest possible purity.

We are the only company offering langoustine chitin and chitosan. We extract chitin through an environmentally friendly biological process that is truly zero waste and uses only a third of the energy of the traditional chemistry process. This process is unique, it’s the technology that CuanTec has developed over the past 18 months and it proves extremely long polymer chains.

When this is deactylated to chitosan (through another proprietary method, using substantially less NaOH than usual) and providing chitosan with >95% DD.

These extremely long polymer chains, with a very high level of exposed tertiary nitrogens has been proven in our lab to have exceptional anti-microbial activity against both gram +ve and gram-ve pathogens.

CuanTec USP

  • Pure Chitin and Chitosan from North Atlantic waters
  • Langoustine source
  • Ultra-high Molecular Weight
  • High Degree of Deactylation
  • Exceptionally high antimicrobial activity
  • Every order with batch number and CoA


CuanTec can provide standard quantities indicated through the shop but can also provide other quantities, or chitin and chitosan derivatives if you email us direct for pricing information.