Power of Networking - A True Story

 A scientist walks into a Healthfood shop in Glasgow and makes a purchase, but whilst he is there he engages the store keeper in conversation about Chitosan, and where does their firm get it from (Holland and Barrett), the outcome appears to give India as an answer and the scientist, our CSO Ryan, says perhaps some day soon you’ll want to get it from us, a more environmentally friendly production version and local.

A few weeks later, a frustrated dairy farmer from Ayrshire, uses his social media reach to ask if anyone anywhere can help him locate a firm that could make a compostable, environmentally friendly, not petroleum plastic, single use milk bottle. He had been looking for 2 years and failed to find anything currently available, nor locate a firm willing to rise to the challenge.

The store-keep saw this message and suggested CuanTec. CuanTec got an email from Bryce at Mossguiel farm.

The rest is history about to be made.

CuanTec are willing to take on the challenge of making a compostable milk container….but we need your help to make that a reality.


We have all contributed to the plastic pollution that is covering our land and polluting our oceans. We can all make a difference to solve it. CuanTec have the knowledge and the ideas, but we need support financially to be able to expand our team, get additional equipment and put those ideas into action.

Please support our crowdfunder – coming soon…..


With many grateful thanks to all who have heard about the ambitions of CuanTec and believe we can make a difference.