CuanTec's sustainable process to extract chitin and chitosan

Curious about how langoustines waste, normally ending up in landfil, becomes valuable products such as Chitin and chitosan via a sustainable process? Watch the video below:



Chemicals VS Biological
Low concentration solution of sodium hydroxide at medium temperature for a couple of hours stirring, therefore it uses harsh chemicals while heating and stirring the solution.

Happens in the fermentation using harmless bacteria at low temperature

Eliminating 100% the harsh chemical from the deproteination

Made with a strong acidsolution, most of the time Hydrochloric acid due to its cheapness and high accessibility, it last up to 2 hours with constant stirring

Happens in two steps:

- during the fermentation using harmless bacteria, 

- then with a slightly more acidic solution than vinegar, at room temperature without stirring

Eliminating 100% the harsh chemical from the demineralisation


A solution of high concentrated sodium hydroxide is used stirring for up to 24h at high temperatures.

Using a lot of hash chemicals and energy.

In the long run we will use a second fermentation to deacetylate our chitin, therefore achieving a process with no harsh chemicals.

Our current process is a mechanochemical process using 5 times less sodium hydroxide and at room temperature, taking 2 hours, reducing chemicals and energy used as well as time.


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