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Using waste to eliminate waste naturally 

Who is CuanTec?


Today, shellfish and other waste creates environmental damage; it is either sent to landfill or incinerated, emitting thousands of tonnes of damaging CO2 into the environment.

The CuanTec proprietary technologies use a novel, scientifically proven method to process this waste stream in an environmentally friendly way, producing natural, ultra-pure chitin, with no CO2 emissions, a significant improvement compared to traditional chitin extraction processes that cause damage to the biopolymer and have toxic byproducts.

Additionally, CuanTec will contribute to the circular economy through the production of chitin-based bioplastics that are biodegradable, ocean-friendly, compostable, have naturally antimicrobial properties and can replace fossil-fuel plastic packaging. The unique technology and antimicrobial properties of the packaging also extends the shelf life of foods wrapped within it, to combat food insecurity.

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